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I highly recommend utilizing Realize Now’s services, as the principals have a proven track record in coaching and business development. Mr. Walker’s innate ability to inspire confidence makes him a thought leader in a variety of areas.

Michael D.

Travis can inspire you when you need inspiration. He can coach you when you need guidance. He can train you when you need support. I’m grateful to have learned so much from watching Travis in action. I hope one day I get the opportunity to keep learning from him!

Jay A.

During the time I worked with Mr. Williams, he was a consummate professional. He always strived to better his staff’s well-being and job satisfaction. His skill to identify and manage change was amazing to watch. I enjoyed the time I worked with him and value what I learned as his colleague.

Richard D.

Travis' talent of motivating sales organizations is undeniable. He is able to produce top results while making people feel valued and appreciated at the same time. Once you meet and get to know Travis, he becomes not only your co-worker, but also your friend.

Emily B.

Working for Travis was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had throughout my career. He taught me the importance of building a strong team culture which in turn allowed me to truly enjoy going to work each day!

Deedra S.

Realize Now is a transformative organization and my coaching experience with them was transformative to my life. I worked with Travis and he was able to give me coaching that I could use in the real world. The coaching sessions led to better job opportunities and more clarity in my life.

Donald L.

Mike is equally persuasive with his peers to gain support by inviting input, participation, and aligning those driving forces to exact desired outcomes. He is a careful planner with high emotional intelligence who considers the impacts of his actions on all facets of the organization, customers, and relevant stakeholders.

Bernie L.